Tooting Common in June/July

Tooting Common has been looking particularly good recently. A number of people have been posting photos on the FoTC Facebook page, particularly of trees and plants.

A set of photos and posts, from over the last few weeks, is at this link:  FOTC-June-July-2020

As before, we (FoTC) hope this will help celebrate the Common, particularly for people who aren’t often able to get out onto it.

Many thanks to all of the photographers, and particularly to Roy (Vickery) for his very informative posts, and for sharing his botanical expertise with us.  Many thanks also to Eamonn (Richardson) for drawing these photos together.

We are producing a similar ‘compendium’ of photos and posts every few weeks, so we have a longer-term record of how the Common looks at different times.

Alongside circulating these photos, we are also running a ‘photo of the month’ competition. (See separate blog post on this.)

Stay well and safe

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