FOTC ‘photo of the month’ competition

Friends of Tooting Common are starting a ‘photo of the month’ competition for Tooting Common. The arrangements are:

  • The photo can be of any aspect of Tooting Common, particularly one which brings out its distinctive character.
  • It can include people, but any photo which includes children should be from a distance and not identify faces.
  • The photo should be taken during the month in question and should be emailed by the last day of the month, to¬† (Please entitle the email “Photo of the month”.)
  • No-one can submit more than 5 photos for any month.
  • We will announce the winner early in the next month. The prize will be a copy of the hand-drawn (Joanna Canessa) map of Tooting Common.
  • The competition is open to everyone.

We are starting the competition from this month, so please submit your photo(s) by Tuesday 30 June, as above!

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