Issues on the Common

Condition of Tooting Common

There has been very considerable wear and damage to a number of parts of the Common as a result of heavy usage, particularly during summer 2020. These problems have been exacerbated recently by waterlogging, resulting in a number of large muddy areas. FOTC have raised these issues of concern with Enable (who manage the Common on the Council’s behalf), while recognising that these and other problems on the Common may not have easy short-term solutions.

Proposed development of the Triangle site

FOTC have kept closely in contact with the proposals for the development of the Triangle site over the last several years, and have made comments at a number of stages. This is an important and contentious subject on which there are a range of views among FOTC members.

Following consultation with members FOTC have sent these comments (in December 2020), reflecting the balance of members’ views, to the Planning Inspectorate on Wandsworth Council’s application to the Inspectorate for the development.

As indicated, FOTC neither supports nor objects to the proposed development overall. We see a number of points to welcome, but also a considerable number of points of significant concern which we are urging the Planning Inspectorate to consider.

We understand that the Inspectorate are aiming to make a decision on this development by August 2021.

Anti-social behaviour, including large late-night noisy events

During summer 2020, there were concerns at a number of (illegal) late-night noisy events and parties on the Common, and other antisocial behaviour.

If anyone witnesses antisocial behaviour of any kind please report it to the Metropolitan Police Service by calling 101.  If it feels like the situation could get heated or violent very soon, if someone is in immediate danger, or if a person needs support right away, please call 999.

Wandsworth Council consultation on Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs)

In May 2020, Wandsworth Council consulted on certain changes to PSPOs. Friends of Tooting Common responded to the consultation as below. These comments reflect consultation by FOTC with our members, and the balance of views expressed.

Wandsworth Council have subsequently implemented the changes to PSPOs.