Pumpkin Parade

Friends of Tooting Common run an annual Pumpkin Parade at the end of October. This is usually held on the Common, but for 2020 we needed to hold a virtual event. The report on it is below……..

The Friends of Tooting Common present the 2020 *VIRTUAL PUMPKIN PARADE* (Hallowe’en, 31st October 2020) … results below. Thank you to everyone who entered, everyone who spread the word, and to the judges and organisers … Peter, Fio, and Geraldine.

So we couldn’t be out & about on the common, which was a shame as it was a lovely evening, but we did the next best thing & hosted the pumpkin parade in cyberspace. As in previous years, there were classes for the Funniest, Scariest and Most Artistic carved pumpkins!

Funniest Pumpkin results … In reverse order (although they’re all very funny) …

Funniest pumpkin: Highly commended for Holly
Funniest pumpkin: 3rd place for Olivia (not sure what the pumpkin was surprised by!)
Funniest pumpkin: 2nd place for “Boris and Donald” (Jen)
Funniest pumpkin: 1st place for Yvonne

Scariest Pumpkin results … In reverse order (and, I don’t know about you, but they all scared the heck out of me) …

Scariest pumpkin: Highly commended for the second from left, although they are all great! (Harriet)
Scariest pumpkin: 3rd place for a very greedy pumpkin (@Junctionmum)
Scariest pumpkin: 2nd place for another hungry pumpkin (Lily)
Scariest pumpkin: 1st place for the pumpkinosaurus (Eve)

Most Artistic Pumpkin results … And finally, in reverse order (and everyone has really gone to town in this category, so it was very difficult to judge) …

Most Artistic pumpkin: Highly commended for a traditional witch pumpkin (Maya & William)
Most Artistic pumpkin: 3rd place for an original face (Joseline)
Most Artistic pumpkin: 2nd place for the Lion King transformed into a pumpkin lantern (Ben)
Most Artistic pumpkin: 1st place for a clever and powerful piece of sculpture (Andrea)
And to finish, a montage of entries! Thank you in particular to all the children who entered – that’s Olivia, Rosie, Holly, George, Phoebe, Rory, Ben, Felix, Lily, Riley, Oskar, Eddie, Olie, Rosie, Jonny, Yvonne’s family (and sorry if we missed anyone) – and we’ll send you your certificates very soon – hope you had a fun Hallowe’en and managed to save some sweets to eat today.

So that’s all from us.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered their pumpkins in the Friends of Tooting Common virtual pumpkin parade (and a spooky BOOOOOOOO! to all the pumpkins that didn’t enter the parade, hope you are all having a fun Hallowe’en too.)

We’ll send out certificates as soon as we can, and we hope to see you all on the commons at our events as soon as we are allowed.

Stay safe.

Thanks from the Friends of Tooting Common