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FOTC bat walks

Friends of Tooting Common run monthly bat walks during April to October. The next bat walk will be on Sunday 8 October in the evening.

Bat walks are free to FOTC members. Other people are very welcome to attend, either by joining FOTC (annual membership £6 individual, £10 family), or by making a one-off payment of £5. If you wish to attend a bat walk, please email fotcinformation@gmail.com.

We had a good bat walk on the evening of Sunday 3 September, finding a large amount of bat activity by the lake.  

FOTC photo competition, July to September

Friends of Tooting Common run regular photo competitions for Tooting Common. We are currently running a competition for the months of July to September 2023. Please send photos for this by Saturday 30 September, to fotcinformation@gmail.com, and entitle the email ‘FOTC photo competition’.

Entry to the competition is free, and open to everyone. The arrangements for our photo competitions are:

– The photo can be of any aspect of Tooting Common, particularly one which brings out its distinctive character

– It can include people, but for any close-up photos the permission of the people concerned should be obtained. Any photos including
children should be from a distance and not identify faces.

– Photo(s) submitted for the competition are then in the “public domain” and may be used publicly

– No-one can submit more than 5 photos for any competition

– The prize is a shopping/entertainment gift voucher for £30 (or cash equivalent) and a copy of a hand-drawn map of Tooting Common by a local artist.